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G07-CBO 19" Monitor Cap Kit

This monitor repair kit is designed for the Electrohome G07 19inch color monitor.


Be sure to check that all the parts are included in the kit:

1 1uf @ 50v

1 4.7uf @ 50v

1 4.7uf @ 63v or 100v

1 10uf @ 50v

1 33uf @ 25v

3 100uf @ 16v

2 220uf @ 16v

1 2200uf @ 25v

1 1uf @ 250v

1 3.3uf @ 160v

2 10uf @ 250v

1 47uf @ 200v

1 100uf @ 160v

1 47K Ohm ½ Watt Resistor


Be sure to install all the parts on the monitor even though many on the original parts seem to be working fine. Age, Humidity, and temperature will cause the values of the electrolytic capactitors to change. Installing all of the parts will assure many more years of trouble free service.

Each capacitor is polarized and can only be inserted in one direction. Watch the polarity markings on each capacitor. On the toip side of the monitor board where each capacitor is located is a circle with a black dot on one side. The black dot indicateds where the negative ( - ) lead is to be inserted.

Remove the shield over IC501 and install the following parts.

C302      220uf @ 16v

C403      100uf @ 16v

C407      4.7uf @ 63v or 100v

C408      4.7uf @ 50v

C411      100uf @ 160v

C412      3.3uf @ 160v

C504      1uf @ 50v

C506      33uf @ 25v

R908      47K Ohm ½ Watt Resistor

C511 47uf @ 200v

C517      100uf @ 16v

C518      220uf @ 16v

C521      2200uf @ 25v

C523      1uf @ 250v

C701      100uf @ 16v

C905      10uf @ 250v

C107      10uf @ 250v – Neck Board


IMPORTANT! Be sure to install the negative lead of C302 into the hole with the black dot shown on the topside of the chassis. The ( + ) sign on the bottom side of C302 is marked incorrectly. The last step is to install the sync modification which prevents a horizontal crul. This step is optional. On the monitor board replace C303 with the 10uf @ 50v capacitor with the positive lead connected to the collector of X305. Then replace C501 with the capacitor taken from space C303