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Wells-Gardner K4900 Series Monitor

1uf 50v C315/C351/C373*
2.2uf 50v C303/C308
4.7uf 160v C311
10uf 100v C310/C702
22uf 25v C366
22uf 160v C506
47uf 25v C352/C354
47uf 160v C507
100uf 160v C313
330uf 50v C301
470uf 16v C205
1000uf 16v C201
1000uf 25v C701

* This cap is across D306 in some versions with the - side going to the
banded side of D306.
The actual voltage rating value Oil caps inthis kit may be higher than stated & only
serves for a higher safety margin, & is a perfectly acceptable replacement. For
example, C310 is a 10uf 100v cap & you may have a 10uf 160v cap in the kit Do
not use a lower than stated on this sheet voltage rating. Your chassis may have a
higher voltage rating on a cap that has been previously replaced, so you must refer
to this sheet for acceptable voltage ratings.
Capacitors usually have one lead longer than the other and this longer lead is
generally the positive or + lead and most boards are marked with the + or - negative
signs. They almost always have a striped side which is most often the negative (-),
but can sometimes be marked in the stripe as +, so it is best to look closely at each
one before inserting it. Pre-cut capacitors will be marked with the + or - sign in the
striped area.
A best course of action would be to replace them one at a time, carefully observing
how the markings are on the original cap, as sometimes a pc board will be
incorrectly silk-screened.