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Goldstar MBM-2105G/A (MC-3) Chassis

Goldstar MBM-2105G/A (MC-3) Chassis

Parts included*:

1 – 1uF @ 50V or 100V
1 – 4.7uF @ 50V
1 – 6.8 uF @ 50V BP
1 – 10uF @ 50V
1 – 22uF @ 25V
4 – 47uF @ 25V
2 – 100 uF @ 16V
3 – 220 uF @ 16V
1 – 470 uF @ 16V
1 – 470 uF @ 25V
1 – 1000 uF @ 16V
1 – 2200 uF @ 25V
2 – 2.2 uF @ 250V
2 – 100 uF @ 160V


Replace all the parts on the monitor even though many of the original parts seem to be working fine because age, humidity, and temperature cause the value of the electrolytic capacitors to change.

All the capacitors are polarized and can only be inserted in one direction.  Watch the markings for polarity on each capacitor.  On the top side of the monitor board where each capacitor is located is a positive sign (+).  Insert the longer lead of the capacitor into the hole marked positive (+).

*The actual voltage rating value may be higher than stated and only serves for a higher safety margin, and is a perfectly acceptable replacement. Do not use a lower than stated voltage rating.

Make sure the game is unplugged and install the following parts:


C301: 47uF@25V
C302: 220uF@16V
C303: 22uF@25V
C304: 470uF@16V
C305: 100uF@16V
C307: 47uF@25V
C308: 2.2uF@250V
C310: 10uF@50V
C602: 220uF@16V
C603: 47uF@25V
C605: 1000uF@16V
C608: 2.2uF@250V
C701: 100uF@16V
C703: 1uF@50V or 100V
C708: 4.7uF@50V
C710: 470uF@25V
C711: 220uF@16V
C712: 6.8uF@50V
C713: 100uF@160V
C714: 100uF@160V
C905: 2200uF@25V
C908: 47uF@25V